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New 5-Day AI Course Creation Challenge, combined with our suite of AI tools, does 90% of all the work for you, from start to finish.

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Creating and selling courses the traditional way is DEAD. Here’s how AI is changing the game…

Brian Moran, Co-founder of SamCart
Hey, I’m Brian Moran, co-founder of SamCart.

For too many online creators, there’s an invisible barrier for getting a digital course made and sold.

You’re either stuck with tech problems…

Taking a ton of time and resources creating the course…

‍Or having a hard time selling it.

The whole process is frustrating:
You have to pick the right thing to teach.
You have to pick the right course title.
You have to outline the course, then create it.
You have to record with excellent video and audio quality.
You have to host the course materials somewhere.
You have to create a sales page, checkout page, thank you page, course delivery page, and any other page you can think of.
You have to integrate tech platforms, payment processors, email marketing, and websites
You have to build an audience, or know how to sell to your existing audience.
You have to keep generating traffic to your course, every single day, over and over again.
You have to keep generating traffic to your course, every single day, over and over again.

Before you know it, weeks and even months have gone by.

And after all that hard work and time, your sales are still at zero or stuck selling very little.

No matter how hard you work, or what you try, you can’t get it all to work.

But here’s how all of that’s changing right now:

Thanks to breakthrough AI tech, there’s a new way to create and sell your course in just days
(not weeks or months)

This new way works no matter what you’ve tried before.

This works no matter what experience or skill you have with creating and selling online.

This works regardless if you have a large, small, or zero audience on social media.

This works regardless if you have a small, medium or large email list (or no list at all).

This works whether you’re creating a course from scratch or already have one ready to go.
The BIG reason this new way works so fast and so well is because you’re NOT trying to do it the traditional way.

Thanks to a new, innovative suite of AI tools, you can now have a digital product or course 90% created for you—the content, the design, all of it.

And thanks to SamCart templates, you get the sales page, checkout page, and anything else you need to launch and sell your stuff, too.
Because of our unique position as a digital product ecommerce platform…

I have access to data and technology (like AI) that no one else has.

It’s really easy to see what’s working when you can see numbers across:
40,000+ online businesses
$3+ Billion dollars processed
342,814 pages launched
13.7+ Million products sold
Recently, we also launched CreatorU and over 50,000+ online creators have joined us to get training and help every month.

Thanks to all this, I have a behind-the-scenes insight into what’s working right now online.

At SamCart, we see exactly what kind of courses sell, for how much, and how they’re being sold.

The past few months, we’ve distilled it all into a lean method that any online creator can use to create and sell a digital course fast.

And we’ve also spent a significant amount of money figuring out this whole AI thing.

You might’ve seen the profile image generators, or text generators. It’s been a hot topic lately.

Everyone’s talking about it.
But there’s one thing people are missing:
The power of using AI to create whole digital
products and courses, from scratch.
Yes, you can have an ebook done for you in just a few hours. The AI robot does the heavy lifting—you review, make edits, and approve it.

You can even have whole slide decks made for you in seconds.

It’s insanely powerful.

And for the first time ever, we’re making our suite of AI tools available to you.

This AI shortcut is like clicking the fast forward button, going from zero to sales in less than a week

In fact, if you follow our instructions and use the tools we give you…

We guarantee you’ll be able to create and launch your course, ready to sell, in less than a week.

That’s how confident we are.

We call this our 5-Day Course Creation Challenge™: The AI Edition.

Tasks that normally take weeks or months to finish are laid out one step at a time so you can knock them out in days or hours.

And again: SamCart and our AI suite will do 90% of the work for you.

The whole process is part human, part machine.

It’s truly “Bionic”.

Truth be told, you could go crazy and do everything in a day.

But you can do it the less crazy way and get it done over 5 days, one step a day.

No matter how fast or slow you decide to go…
You can do this on a tight budget, with no fancy equipment, and no complicated tech.You don’t need to know anything about AI, at all (not even how to spell artificial intelligence)

You don’t even need to know, right now, what you’re going to sell.

Because our 5-Day Course Creation Challenge™: The AI Edition walks you through how to decide what to create and sell.

The Challenge helps you with everything, down to giving you the actual page template to use for selling.

Let me show you what I’m talking about.

This is the perfect shortcut for how to pick, create, and sell your own online course

Everything from niche and topic selection… market validation… course title, outline, structure… video vs text… pricing… simple-to-execute instructions to launch and get sales.

No matter how whacky your course idea is now, or if you’re a complete beginner…

We answer your every burning question on all things courses.

You’ll get a bite-sized video lesson on topics like how to validate your idea and niche…

Structure and create your course…

And then successfully selling online…

Without the gimmicks.
You’ll also get our 5-Day Course Creation Challenge™: The AI Edition workbook with daily action items, copy-and-paste templates, course outlines with loads of examples…

So there’s zero guesswork or feeling stuck.

Tasks that normally take months to finish are laid out one step at a time so you can knock them out in days, if not hours…

Even if it’s your first time… you’re on a limited budget…

And only have an hour a day to spare.

Here’s how you’ll get a product done and selling in less than a week

Let me quickly walk you through everything and how it works.

Picking your niche and product topic

Download this worksheet, fill in these 8 words, and you’re 95% of the way to your first profitable course
Takes just minutes but virtually guarantees your success, even if you’ve failed dozens of times in the past.
3 sneaky keys to a bulletproof niche, topic, and course idea from the get go.
And more…

Picking the perfect title & creating your product outline (with AI)

No tech expertise needed—you’ll see exactly how to use the AI bot, with clear instructions, and let it do all the heavy lifting.
The 5-part course outline you can follow to kill procrastination, surge confidence, and get instant traction on building the course you’ve always wanted.
You’ll get a 99% done product, with 3D cover—all you have to do is give it a few finishing touches (we show you how).
And more…

Building your sales page with a done-for-you template

Get ALL templates and tech done for you. Just copy-and-paste your stuff where we show you.
How to create a powerful sales page in a single afternoon. Plus, 4 fool-proof elements that give your course personality to make your customers want to buy, buy, and buy.
And more…

Quickly & easily set up your product delivery

How to create a beautiful member’s area that automatically delivers your product (and future products) to students. It takes just a couple of minutes, tops.
Create a steady foundation so you hit the ground running with momentum (get it done once, sell it over and over and over again.)
And more…

Finish your digital product or course (with AI)

How to use our product template or our pre-designed course slides template—all you do is fill out the blanks.
Have our tech and AI do the brunt work of creating your product (just follow our instructions and you’re good).
You don’t need a professional studio. You don’t need to pay top-dollars for a designer or for someone to create it all. We give you the tools, tech and AI to get it done.
Save yourself countless time, cash, and heartache by following this blueprint first.
And more…

Then, get your first customers and sales

You’ll see how to deploy the PAS Method—a 3-step solution to creating well deserved hype around your product.

It comes complete with downloadable scripts we’ve used to create and sell 8-figure offers in multiple markets.

Plus, get our 4-part process to launch anything successfully, whether it’s a course, service, membership, event, you name it.

(I’ve also agreed to share 9 non-sleazy conversion tactics that flat out work—and the exact process that took us from zero to our first 6-figure course).

As you’re guided through the whole process, you’ll discover:
How to know for sure that your product or course will sell.
How to structure and create your entire product or course in 48 hours or less.
The drop-dead easy way to create a course that your customers will love… on a budget… with or without any video equipment (even if you’re an introvert, and prefer to use text instead)
We’ll share an amazing free resource that lets you point-and-click your way to gorgeous, royalty-free images for your course.
No need to shell out your hard earned money for pricey graphic designers, just follow along and get eye-catching images at zero cost.
Everything you need to beta-test and get customer testimonials before you take your course mainstream.
The easiest, least pushy way to do it all… 3 simple formats and ways to deliver your course… and how to transform their feedback into additions to your course.
Don’t want to be on camera? No problem! Here’s why your course should not include a video of you.
Our done-for-you video kit to help you select high-quality, inexpensive equipment to give your videos incredible production value for mere peanuts.
How to know which traffic source suits your offer best.
How to “wow” your buyers with professional quality without breaking the bank.
Secrets on doubling sales while slashing refunds to the bone.
And much more…
There will be nothing standing in your way.

This whole process is helping creators
launch and sell their stuff, right now

There’s no better, easier or faster way to sell your first (or next) digital product or course.

Don’t take our word for it. Tons of other course creators say so:
If they can do it, so can you.

Isn’t it about time you get your own
product up and selling, thanks to AI?

At the bottom of this page, you’ll see a button that says “Yes! Start Selling My Course” on it.

That will forward you to our secure order form. It uses the same level of privacy and security that the top digital retailers use–that’s 265-bit SSL security, in case you’re curious.

Which means joining our 5-Day Course Creation Challenge™: The AI Edition is safe, secure, and takes minutes.

The second your order goes through, you’ll be forwarded over to our private Member’s Area and you can get started.

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Facebook Ads 101 with yours truly

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While Facebook is the top traffic source for course creators… It can also be the most confusing and costly. Especially if you’re a beginner.

That’s why inside this exclusive video bonus, I walk you through what Facebook ads are… how they really work… how to set them up… and how to highly-targeted traffic to your new course…

So it sells like hot cakes for years to come–without breaking the bank.

14 LIVE Q&A Calls To Answer EVERY & ANY Question That Comes Up During Your Challenge

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In these exclusive 14+ Q&A calls, you’ll get recordings from first-time course creators in your exact shoes going through the challenge.

Each video is organized by topic and day.And together, we’ll go over common beginner pitfalls… roadblocks to watch out for… and to how to easily overcome them.

The Official SamCart Studio Setup

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Scott will walk you through the exact studio we use to film and create courses, including our Course Creation Challenge™.

We go over cameras… microphones… even our lighting setup so you can create the studio of your dreams.

Don’t worry–we’ll also walk you through affordable alternatives too, in case you’re on a budget.

Lifetime Membership To The Official Course Creation Challenge™ Facebook Group

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When you join our Course Creation Challenge™ today, you’ll also be invited to join a supportive, like-minded group of creators, both challenge graduates–and a handful of folks who are doing the challenge with you.

Ask questions, “like” a post or two, or just chat it up and network with other folks who are in the same position as you are.

The 6-Figure Course Breakdowns

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The best way to learn is to model.

Which is why in this exclusive bonus video, we’ll break down different 6 figure businesses for you to model.

You’ll discover how successful funnels are built… what their marketing strategy looks like… even the numbers behind each and every page…
Along with some hard-learned lessons you can apply to your own course when it’s time.

Lifetime Access to our Course Creation Challenge™

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Wouldn't you want the option to go through it again? And keep all the course content?

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We originally landed on $1,000.

$1,000 is more than fair, and we easily spent 1,000X that creating this entire program, the scripts, the templates, the entire members area…everything that you’re about to be wow’d by…

And when you take into account the $5,000…$10,000…$20,000…even $100,000 in sales that other people have generated by going through the course…

It’s clearly worth way more than even the $1,000 we thought we should charge for it.

But we know times are tough on everyone right now…and $1,000 might not be in the cards for you right now.

So today, we’d like to invite you to join us for a life-changing experience…not for $1,000.

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You might be wondering: “What’s the catch??”

There is no catch.

We’re doing this special promo right now because we know AI is changing the game, completely.

And we’re trying to get as many online creators onboard and successful as possible.

Like I said earlier, Nee

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Start creating & selling
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The Full 5-Day Course Creation Challenge™: The AI Edition

AI Tools for Creating Your Course (valued at $299)

The Traffic Tactics Masterclass (valued at $499.00)

Facebook Ads 101 (valued at $299.00)

14 LIVE Q&A Calls To Answer EVERY Question That Comes Up During Your Challenge (valued at $499.00)

The Official SamCart Studio Setup (valued at $595.00)

Lifetime Membership To The Official 5-Day Course Creation Challenge™ Facebook Group (valued at $649.00)

The 6-Figure Course Breakdowns (valued at $995.00)

Lifetime Access to our 5-Day Course Creation Challenge™ (valued at $495.00)

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You’re getting ALL of the challenge, the AI tools,  and free gifts for barely pennies on the dollar

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The Full 5-Day Course Creation Challenge™: The AI Edition

AI Tools for Creating Your Course (valued at $299)

The Traffic Tactics Masterclass (valued at $499.00)

Facebook Ads 101 (valued at $299.00)

14 LIVE Q&A Calls To Answer EVERY Question That Comes Up During Your Challenge (valued at $499.00)

The Official SamCart Studio Setup (valued at $595.00)

Lifetime Membership To The Official 5-Day Course Creation Challenge™ Facebook Group (valued at $649.00)

The 6-Figure Course Breakdowns (valued at $995.00)

Lifetime Access to our 5-Day Course Creation Challenge™ (valued at $495.00)

A Total Value of $3,772


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